What did people not like about Kotay?

This is from a survey we did between 2015-2017

What do you dislike about Kotay?

It can be intense and draining, it also brings out the mean streak in people you consider your friends 🙂

Explaining the rules to a noob

not available in a store near me!

Too many complicated rules at times

The level of complexity it requires to explain it to new comers

too many small details in rules- no of step, range of action etc

Abrubt buying of an extra move

End game becomes deterministic. There is no chance for flipping fates.


I think the board needs a bit of work (although I know its a work in progress)! Also some of the rules are a little hard to understand/remember the first few times you play.

Not knowing/remembering the weighting of the dice (prototype version)

I think the board (when I played it) was a bit small. More field area, please

The endgame, the few times I’ve played the game, tends to get slightly predictable, cannons rumbling into place and taking aim at opponents’ castles, and hoping that they get favourable rolls of dice. I’ve put it a little simplistically, of course, but maybe it would help to have a little more variety of ways to win games?

takes really long

I really liked this one the best

Nothing that I dislike, but may be a few things that could be considered as an enhancement:1. Clarity around military trade – There needs to be more clarity around whether you could use another player’s military to attack / defend. It gives the attacking forces multiple opportunities (some even out of turn). What that also leaves open to interpretation is, if one can spawn / move units of another player. Considering how easy attack lines can be, and how the roll of dice for a cannon is a pretty solid strike, it could often leave a player in a helpless spot.

2. Consider ending the game with the conquest of the first capital. That way, the conspiring against one player will be limited.

3. Make the spawning of cannons more expensive perhaps?

4. Considering how additional resources to spawn a cavalry is just two gold more than infantry, I noticed that infantry was rarely being deployed. Would be nice to find a way to promote infantry.

5. Since cavalry and cannons shoot across a range of 2, the terrains (such as water and mountains) rarely prove as deterrents while combating.

I maybe think the canon is too powerful and there are few rules I would need to understand better.

How abruptly things can change

It moves slower than most other games I have played


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