About Kotay

Kotay is a board game developed and made by 3 humans who like making stuff, mostly based out of Bangalore. It’s our first game and you can read about our journey, testing (Play tests), designing and making the game on this blog.

Who can play and how long does it take?

Kotay is a 3-4 player game. It is meant for ages 12+ although some 8 yr olds we know are avid enthusiasts. The game takes about 2 hours to complete.

So What’s the game about?

Kotay is a game of building and conquest. In the game, you will build a kingdom around you capital, strategize and devise ways for your kingdom to survive. Amass wealth and build an army to destroy your opponents.

How is the game played?

Explore the terrains around your capital city, build farms, lumber camps and villages. Mobilize your army – attack, negotiate, trade. Break into the protected capitals of other players, defeat them by roll of dice  to collect your bounty. Player who amasses a fortune, or possesses the last capital standing, wins the game.

Where can you buy the game?

We are currently in the process of making 10 sets of Kotay. We hope to release them in the middle of 2019 (really really soon!)

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