What did people like about Kotay?

This is from a survey of 22 play testers we did  between 2015-2017 .

It completely engages you, it is like playing chess but with more colour and possibilities

Destroying stuff!

Random map, warfare

Speed, Unpredictable twists, Interactive

The combination of resource development and conflict resolution. I also like the speed at which the game ends.

“inter personal dynamics”

Gameplay, Treaty, Battle strategies

The uniqueness of each game’s terrain, and the counter-balanced power of the pieces, forcing you to have an adaptive strategy.

Building the geography

It’s not too long, and it gets exciting quickly!

I liked the initial exploring and building of my own kingdom. Then the competitiveness it provoked, and also alliances it promoted, among the players during the battle stages.

the knife’s edge between luck and ability

The complexity of its gameplay, particularly in the initial stages, where there are multiple routes available to any player with outcomes as yet hazy.

No simple strategy to win have to play multiple times to figure out..

It was not too long and it had detailed rules

Plenty of things:

1. Strategy – I like how many dimensions there are to concentrate on. Truly keeping the players involved

2. Trade – Engaging with other players, which happens in Catan too, but its interesting how trade also includes dimensions like truce and ceasefire.

3. Game design – Beautifully designed. Yet to see the final product, but the aesthetics really made me fall me in love with the game

4. Rule book – Very comprehensive and detailed.

I think it is a really interesting and catchy game. Time literally flied when I was playing,

The social interactions it brings about. Good mix of strategy and diplomacy.

It is like a battlefield where you have to generate resources to attack your opponent, manage logistics of moving troops and building infrastructure, and form and break alliances

The unique thing about kotay is that it keeps all the players engaged throughout the game. Also, it is really interesting cause you get to team up with other players, betray, negotiate, etc. which you don’t really do in most of the other games. It has a lot of strategy involved.

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