Two player games – across the diagonal

Chris (aka zombieking) and I played a two player Kotay game yesterday and Chris won. The game time was between 35-45 minutes.

In a two player game, you get to explore more end game scenarios. There is a tendency to build up to the maximum number of defenses, and maximum number of attacks. So it is slower and dead-lock type situations do arise.



In fact, this game brought back some really old (and sort of painful) memories of when Sud and I played Kotay on a paper board with crayons. One particular game in which I just kept attacking his capital unsuccessfully forever! This is why we introduced the crazy lowest 8 for cannon attacks. 🙂

Feedback/Comments/suggestions :

It is a bit hard/annoying to keep track of the number of rolls.

Maybe we should have three sets of dice for offense and three for defense, which can be rolled at once?

It is a bit confusing to keep track of which buildings produce what, and maybe the farm and lumber camp should look different?

Have better handouts – with pictorial representations

Why does the cavalry not move into the square where it attacks? It makes sense for cannons, but the cavalry would ostensibly have to move it? 

Should we just call them archers?


One thought on “Two player games – across the diagonal

  1. If a cannon is shooting from a fort protected zone, it will be under risk in the next round of attack. This might end up being an interesting game dynamic too, but it might risk making the games longer.


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