Kotay – thinking about design

Chris and I talked about the design for Kotay yesterday. We want to make some nice stylized 3D pieces. Also want all the bits of the game to feel like it had a theme.

Some Sculpting Materials

Polymer Clay: brands like Fimo and Sculpy. Nice to work with – can be baked at 130C in a regular oven. Then can we worked on with sculpting tools for details.

Or we could add some details made out of the air drying material below.

Green Stuff – Feels rubbery. Hardens in 30 -60 min (http://www.greenstuffworld.com/en/55-green-stuff).

Milliput – brittle/cracks, hardens in 6 hours.

A combination of green stuff and milliput – better texture to work with and reasonable drying time.

Terracotta clay – air drying (I has this and tried my first set of frightening sculptures with it!) – brittle, not easy to work with, smelly. Clings on to your skin.

Design ideas

Laser cutting the tokens out of acrylic sheet. Shapes like clover trees, round coins and fish/mangoes food.

Making a seamless theme – we want to root the designs in India. The idea is to do bunch of sketches as a starting point.

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