Alliances are futile!

Play-testing Kotay in London

Abhishek, Shalini, Laila and I played a game of Kotay (about 80 minutes).


S (blue) and A (red)  formed a stable alliance even before explorations began, forcing an alliance on Laila (yellow) and me(purple). Little did I know, alliances cannot be forged by force alone :). When the opportunity arose, I was swiftly done away with.


This left L in control of my vast resources ( I gold, 1 food, 1 wood).

4-6 forts were built in this game, right in the centre. Living up to the name of the game.


S broke the alliance with A at an opportune moment. To form a temporary pact with L.

Needless to say, resources were pretty much unlimited in the game. Except for A, who struggled with gold (even after 3 gold donations from S).

The end game was a battle of dice.

L was the undefeated conqueror. Escaping extermination many times and giving up a trip to Leicester Square to stay in the game!

Thanks for playing guys!


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