Yellow pieces and some designs

Near perfect Sunday. Almost done with the yellow set. Did some cover iterations


Finishing of the pieces

I set up a table and started finishing anything post sanding with enamel paint brown. I found that just rubbing with a cloth may be better than doing brush strokes. The former has a much more natural finish. But then we will have to get all the colours.

Sud and I also decided that wet sanding is better – also safer lung wise. And he gave me two clamps so that I don’t have to hold the sand paper with one hand.

Mould making disaster

We did some mould making yesterday who h was a bit of a disaster with the polyurethane positives. We didn’t put mold release and probably left it for too long. The positives didn’t come out from the mould. We could salvage only half.

We also lost a few mould because I stupidly pushed everything while opening the catalyst ( I think) and tried to fix it by random movement pair pouring silicone

This silicone had a fruity ester type smell. The catalyst smells of homeopathic medicine. and the silicone doesnt seem to give out formaldehyde after polymerization.

Blue pieces -2

Finally a dark enough blue with pigment less Pu 230. Should be ready to demould in 2.5 hours. Got 10kgs of Pu without pigment thanks to veeyor and Ola uncle.

This was 150 Pu + 50 hardener plus 2 g of blue. I need almost 240 ml for the entire set. Put the set on top of my cooler for 15 minutes hoping the vibrations would release any bubbles. (thanks for the suggestion v) .