Building the pieces of Kotay -I

The structure of the piece itself

Kotay Ver 1.0 had character pieces standing on top of buildings.

In Kotay Ver 2.0, ZombieKing is building a co- occupancy model, where the building is actually a facade, leaving enough space for one character on the tile.

We are still deciding whether the base for the buildings should be square or circular.

Capitals and Kotays

We want the capital to look like an Indian palace or forts. Mostly inspired from palaces in Rajasthan. The Kotays should be more imposing military structures – and the Capitals more ornate. Balancing the Yang and Yin, if you will.

This the first piece ZombieKing made



and he is now working on version 2.1. The picture below is the beautiful work in progress, it will get more domes and so on.


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