Building the pieces of Kotay -III

Resource Structures/Buildings

For the resource structures, we wanted to capture something that connected us with rural India. Chris (@zombieking) was able to work from those ideas to bring to these pieces to life – some which, I feel are spot on.

z_resource (3)

In the first piece on the left, the face of the house has the traditional ‘tinnai’ for people to sit, gossip and play cards. The other facade on the right actually looks a bit like a well.

The utensils themselves help me complete the scene of food being prepared in a small household.

z_resource (1)

I love the sack of grain (above, extreme right) particularly the one in which the grain is flowing out. There is a sense of action and flow.

z_resource (2)

The lumber camp, especially the one with the ax on the tree stump looks good. I do feel we need to think about something more reminiscent of the everyday lives of the people who collect firewood for example. Chris had made a bundle of twigs, which looked interesting. We will be exploring more soon.


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